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The Five Musketeers

The story behind The Five Musketeers, probably began due to my being a champion fencer at the Bergerac fencing club very early in my life, having started fencing at the tender age of 6. One of my ancestors was a Musketeer and then, most importantly, I was a Gascon and I thought that the Gascon element deserved to be rendered, even Dumas doesn’t approach it in his books.

In the latest TV series (BBC) the Musketeers are basically Americans fencing in modern Prague with double pane windows so I thought things could be improved a bit.

The idea for the protagonist and the time-travelling element come from the fact that I was searching for a strong female character to interest female audiences as well as male. In the original Dumas works, that is Madame Constance Bonacieux but she’s only featured in just a few brief scènes and so I thought…. why don’t I take a modern-day woman and plunge her deep within a distant place, distant time and within a different culture? How would she cope or even survive?

The Five Musketeers

The cultural shock element exists throughout the series. It’s also about values, teamwork etc. These are my personal values but fiction emulates life…and needs to be believable even in this type of story. I think it works, feedback is good….but I wonder what you think?

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