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Tears of Glass

Author David Lake

The idea for the book, the catalyst which sparked the decision to get down and write, was made up of a number of elements. My long-term admiration for the music of Paul Millns, his voice, musicianship, and beautiful songs. He writes and performs from the heart and soul and if you have not yet experienced his work you are in for a treat.

He represents the hopes, fears, and loves of the common man and his distaste for those who seek control over our lives.

The world-changing events of the eighties were another factor. President Reagan’s drive for a ‘Star Wars ‘anti-missile shield was trumpeted in the media but was never implemented. The Cold War ended, and the Berlin Wall came down. Communism was defeated.

In the late eighties, twenty-two British scientists all working on ‘Star Wars’ related projects, met with fatal ‘Accidents’ and the Pentagon was worried. These events, together with a conversation overheard in Whitehall, started a fermentation process in my mind which I felt I had to work through. I found myself leaning on the songs of Paul for support and both he and his music ended up on the page.

This book is therefore a very personal journey and I was never sure where it would end up. The publisher liked the immediacy this created and minimal editing took place. Not sure this was a good idea, but I was happy to go along with this approach. I insisted that the recorded tracks were not necessarily the finished product and they mainly consist of Paul’s demos recorded on a small machine in his spare room!

Again, I hope the whole package retains this freshness of the moment and although I wince at some of the passages, there are one or two that I’m pleased with.

Method Writing!

I was interviewing and researching as I was writing, resulting in a growing awareness and unease at the picture being created. The final denouement was profoundly shocking and I hope those in power in the Western World will take steps to render safe, the situation the book exposes.

I’m being deliberately obtuse and therefore ungainly in trying not to reveal the ‘ Big Idea ‘ and I know reviewers to date have done the same. However, this puts me in a Catch 22 situation, in that the book is an expose of a conspiracy the CIA have had in place since the early eighties – BUT I can’t tell you what it is as I don’t want to spoil your journey.

Amazon feels this would make a great Audiobook as it reads almost like a Film treatment. They generally discourage background music or sound effects in their Audiobooks as people find it too distracting. However, in this case, they are excited about the way in which the music and lyrics are integrated into the narrative.  The CIA even discover a message in the music. – The message is ALWAYS in the music.

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