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For Authors

We know how hard it can be to promote your book without losing an arm and leg paying for the fees…so, we have a solution. Try out our book promotion service for FREE. Yes, that’s right. We promote to over 43,000 people, so, your book will have a mass of free exposure currently. We are authors and editors and so, we know how vital it is for you to reach more book lovers and all you need to do to publish here is to…..

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Book Promotion with Book Backstories

We are aiming for visual and glossy. Well, you want to make an impact, right? We also need you to write a personalised essay as you are going to try to reach out to your readers. Tell us why you needed to write your book. How long did it take? Where did the idea come from and were you drawing on your own experiences? You get the idea. But to help you out, take a look at the book post published here so you know how to write it and the style. Any questions? Email us at:

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