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Author Mallikarjun B Mullimani

I write both fiction and poetry including Haikus. This book is a combination of fiction, several short poems, and one long.

            It is written with an engineer’s perspective; myself being one by education. I wrote it after a midlife crisis which illuminated my life; unshackling me from the fears and desires associated with myths.

            I am neither an atheist nor a theist; I don’t want to straddle the middle as an agnostic either; just want to explore the whole matter through the medium of writing; one may hesitantly call me a mystic turned philosopher then worker.

            The blurb of the book goes:

This book is a product and combination of Science, Philosophy, and Art.

Initially, Ori, the original, the first protagonist, suffering from bipolar disorder, is further plagued by the myths of God, Eros, and Bacchus. Luckily, he is cured by scientific medication. Ori then begins to make his own luck and takes the science he knows forward to create Mac, a machine, the second protagonist. Even though the human creator errs and blindly incorporates in his organic creation all his conflicts, he also unconsciously programs his machine with a subconscious desire to be free of myths. Mac complies and rationally destroys the myths of Ori by being completely objective in his reasoning.

Then, Ori, having found a panacea to the evils which had tormented him, views Destiny, the Multiverse, and Time through a philosophical ‘Finite Viewpoint – Shoonya & Something.’

Demystification of God is sought in this book through rejecting the idea of the infinite and eternal with the help of a finite viewpoint and binary thinking – an engineer’s working model.

Finally, Ori ventures into the realm of art with his own protagonists Zenith and Nadir in his poetic ‘Textbook of Life.’ He writes to concretize what he has understood, and his writing finally gains him an intuitive understanding of Life in the bigger scheme of Existence.

In the book, humanity evolves into pure united energy with a universe Synergia. ‘Demystifying’ tries to show that happiness is the only measure of success; a joy derived solely by working with right life choices, made living entirely in the moment unshackled completely from past and future, fear and desire, which feed off each other, towards evolution of Life as a single whole undivided organism, believing in the beauty of brain sans myths.

You can find out more about this book by visiting the author’s website:

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