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American Princess Meets Homeboy

Author Jamy Rosser

Starting Chapter 4 of a memoir, I decided to use it as the opening chapter of a novel. Imagination fused with personal experience; the muse started dropping seeds of inspiration. A favorite novel of mine is Fear of Flying. I wanted to create a Jewish female character modeled after Erica Jong’s Isadora Wing. As a writer, my female voice has always been a gift most male writers don’t get. I wanted to test it.

The Muse was anxious about me getting the story out. Ten pages in, I’m thinking, I can carry her for a 10,000-word short for sure. Seventy-five pages later I’m thinking, the novel is mine. I loved going in and out of character being Hope and Dave. Though written from the male point of view, the cast of characters is female dominant. In a city known for divorce, my Las Vegas story is about a spoiled New York city girl and Southern former Air Force mechanic, juggling business and romance in Seventies America. The novel was started on vacation visiting my son in Los Angeles and fished the same year in Memphis at my mother’s home.

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